Sunday, September 28, 2008

Why I'm voting for Obama

Jay Leno showed a clip of a very funny speech by John McCain last week. McCain stumbled over his words so badly that I rewound it and watched it over about six times (thanks to Tivo...bless his little computer chip heart).

Anywho, I needed a laugh today so I looked up the video on YouTube. I just had to share, so watch this very short 8-second video:

And this is why I'm voting for Obama. Enough said?!?


Anonymous said...

LOOOOL Oh my, after 8 yrs of Bush embarassment the Republicans STILL couldn't find a presidential candidate who can structure a complete sentence!
Where's Hillary when you need her :)
By the way, you're doing a fantastic job on your blog, Jen :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Jen, thanks for your comment! No, not Chicago ;) Although, I love the city, not in the winter though! It would be a ton of fun moving closer to all of you for sure, but I will eventually end up in Orlando, FL area. (I lived in the central Florida area for 7 yrs so I'm familiar with that area.)
Although my stuff will stay in storage in FL. I will temporarily move to PA while I recoever from surgery. LONG story, did your mom tell you? lol Crazy.