Monday, October 13, 2008

Warning: motherhood is messy!

Seriously, no one warned me how messy having a kid was going to be. I mean, I knew that kids could make messes, but no one told me that my kid was going to:

  1. squirt poop on me during a diaper change (yes, that really happened)

  2. vomit on me occassionally

  3. get food everywhere (including inside the diaper, in the hair, in the eyelashes) on a daily basis

  4. spill anything and everything on the floor (including throwing mac & cheese on the dog's back)

  5. require me to suck boogies out of her nose when she's sick (the added bonus is picking the dried ones off her face after she wakes up)

Oh, well. I LOVE my job anyway! I wouldn't trade all of those messes for anything in the world as long as it means I get to be with my wonderful little daughter every single day.

I guess it just means I should invest in paper towels and soap!

Sorry if I grossed anyone out. I'm sure all you Mommies know exactly what I'm talking about. And to all you future Mommies: consider yourself warned!


Nata-Leigh (Lubbock's Mom) said...

You can add to the list:

- Poop on me in the airplane when I have nothing else to wear.


- Figure out how to take your diaper off and pee onto the floor of your nursery.

Why is poop and pee such a big part of our lives? I don't remember talking about it this much when I was not a mom!


That picture is adorable. I promise you that you will miss it all someday.

Kareer Woman said...

I have definately considered myself warned! lol
I'm not biased or anything, but Hailey is the most adorable sweetheart I've ever seen! Keep up the great work, Jen, you're an awesome mom!