Thursday, October 16, 2008

When all else fails...

RJ asked a friend of his (Matt) to come over and help him move my HUGE armoire desk into our newly finished basement. Anyone who's been in our basement knows that you take three stairs down and then the stairway makes a 90 degree turn.

Well, after 20 minutes of trying to make that turn (and about a thousand variations on "let's turn it this way" and "you turn this way and I'll turn that way") the guys decided the situation called for desperate measures. Like the kind of desperate that involves a saw.

Yep, you heard right...a saw! They sawed my desk in half! Granted I did say something like "do whatever is necessary to get this beast in the basement", but come on...saw it in half?!!

But it all worked out! The guys got it in the basement. Not in one piece, but they still made it happen. RJ put the desk back together with metal brackets and installed pieces of moulding to hide the cuts on the outside.

The most upsetting part was an "easy task" (aren't they all?) ended up taking three hours!


Kareer Woman said...

Ha, that's hysterical, a SAW, holy crap!!!
Well I guess the end result was accomplished, it's in the basement now, and of course the desk will always make you smile each time you pass it now so I guess 2 things were accomplished! lol
Way to go RJ :)

Nata-Leigh (Lubbock's Mom) said...

If only my husband were that handy!


Well, at least he put it back together with some class. The saw, though, would have totally ticked me off at first. But you did say, "whatever it takes." Never say that to a man.They are literal creatures.

Kareer Woman said...

Hey Jen, you've been officially 'tagged' check out my blog!