Friday, November 14, 2008

I drizzled!

Tonight is my first function with the Mothers & More club of the Oswego area. It's a Mom's night in - no kids allowed - woo hoo!

The theme of this Mom's night in is "unfinished project" & cookie exchange. Each person attending is to bring a project-in-progress such as a scrapbook, Christmas cards (it's still early for that - at least for me!), etc. I am bringing Hailey's first year scrapbook, which I have been neglecting for the last 18 months. The cookie exchange is optional, but seeing as this is my first function, I thought it best to participate 100%.

And because I want to make a good first impression, I decided to turn to the recipe pro in my family - my sister Lori. She gave me a recipe for Oreo Truffle Balls. I'd never had them before, but just the sound of them made my mouth water.

You can use any type of Oreo cookie and any type of semi-sweet morsels you choose. I made 2 different batches. The first is a peanut butter oreo ball dipped in peanut-butter chocolate. The second is a mint oreo dipped in milk chocolate with a white chocolate drizzle. This is a super-easy gourmet-like dessert!

Here's what the picture of the recipe looks like:

And here's what my finished product looks like:Not bad, huh? Clearly my photography skills need work, but the drizzle looks pretty good!

And just to make sure I was sharing a superb dessert with my new gals pals, RJ and I did a little taste test after dinner last night. His fav is the mint and mine is the peanut butter. And yes, they are as heavenly as they sound!


Nata-Leigh (Lubbock's Mom) said...

Yummy! A picture of any cookie is perfect!

Kareer Woman said...

I'll bet you were the hit of the party!! Way to go, they sound and look out of this world!!!

Kareer Woman said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Jen, RJ,and Hailey!!!