Friday, February 13, 2009

Crafty Kid

I love doing little projects with Hailey, especially holiday-themed. I'm no Martha, but the projects usually come out pretty cute.

In preparation for Valentine's Day this year, Hailey made three projects:

Project #1: a cute 'lil Valentine mailbox. We made these at playdate last Wednesday. Thanks to Nata-Leigh for supplying the kids with the mailboxes and stickers to decorate them with. They turned out so cute!

Project #2: a heart shaped cake (ok, I made the cake & she decorated it with the sprinkles).

Project #3: an art project with pink, purple and red markers, paints and crayons. When she was done coloring, I cut it into a little heart shape!

And what's the secret to all of this being possible in a white shirt, you ask? Color Wonder, my friend! Crayola makes a line of art supply products that only work on their special paper, which are appropriately name Color Wonder.

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Kareer Woman said...

What fantastic projects and color wonder sounds like a very heavenly invention! Adorable pics, as usual :)