Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's Day Wrap

Hello friends! Happy belated Valentine's Day!

I was going to post this yesterday, but didn't have the time because RJ & I started a new project. (sigh)

More to come about that....stay tuned! But now back to Valentine's Day!

RJ & I are not big romantic V-Day people. We don't like to make a big fuss of it or fight the crowds to go out for dinner. So we decided no gifts, and we'd take Hailey out for an early dinner in her cute little V-Day outfit.

We were getting ready to leave the house first thing in the morning to go shopping for our project when Hailey hands me two pretty red boxes from Fanny May. Obviously RJ put her up to it so I wouldn't make a big fuss about accepting his presents. And I admit she was just too darn cute because she was super excited about giving them to me. It was a box of assorted truffles and my favorite popcorn...Chicago Mix (caramel popcorn & chocolate covered popcorn). Yum!

After our project shopping we decided to do lunch at Chili's instead of dinner since we were already out and it would be less crowded. And then we worked on our project the rest of the day and then watched X-Men after Hailey went to bed, which I fell asleep to on the couch.

See...told you we weren't romantic V-Day people!


Kareer Woman said...

Souds like a fun Valentine's Day, RJ - - that sneak using Hailey, ha, good idea, it worked :)
I'm interested to know what your new project is ?!?!? (I'll stay tuned.)

I spent my day baking 'pupcakes' w/ creamcheese frosting yesterday for Gizmo. I found a recipe online, he's a very picky eater, but he LOVED them!

Kareer Woman said...

Oh and Happy belated Valentine's Day to you too!! Yes, I can't wait to see you next week either, although it may seem like we just saw each other, because we keep pretty up-to-date w/ each other on facebook & blogging, boy aren't we technilogically saavy! lol

Talk to you soon, can't wait :)