Friday, March 27, 2009

Reflections on growing

I can't believe how fast a child grows. While I was expecting with Hailey, many people told me to enjoy my baby because they grow so fast.

And then when she was born total strangers stopped me in the grocery store or out on walks and cooed over her. (Of course they did! She was the most adorable baby to ever grace this Earth. But I may be just a little biased!) Again, almost everyone told me to enjoy this time because she will grow so fast. Truth be told, I was sick of hearing it. Hailey was up every 2 or 3 hours nurse and I was sleep deprived. I was excited for the "sleep through the night" milestone and thought it couldn't possibly come soon enough.

But now I see what all the fuss surrounding growing up is all about. I practically only blinked and my little girl is about to turn two.

So now I get to the point I'm trying to make: Hailey had two very important "big girl" milestones recently: her first ponytail and pretty painted toenails!

About a week ago I got a pedicure and had my toenails painted a bright coral color. Well they caught Hailey's attention right away. I asked her if she wanted pretty feet like my Mommy and she promptly nodded and did her sweet little "Yeah!" and the same time.

So I got out the nail polish and painted her cute little piggies. And the reaction? Hailey was thrilled. But Daddy...not so much.
Mommy: "Hailey, go show Daddy your toes."

(Hailey runs over to Daddy and holds up one foot while pointing at her toes.)

Daddy: (looks at me) "What possessed you to do that?"

Mommy: "Ummmmm. I asked her if she wanted me to and she said yes."

Daddy: (disapproving look) "Okay then."

Oh well. He's just going to have to get used to all of this girly stuff.

And today I put Hailey's hair in her first ponytail! It's a super short ponytail and it needs a barrette on top to keep all of her hair in, but it's still really cute! Daddy won't object to this!


Kareer Woman said...

What adorable pictures and big milestones too!! You better let "Daddy" know the toenail polish is going to be the very least of his problems with such a cutie :) lol
Great post, Jen!

Nata-Leigh (Lubbock's Mom) said...

Dad's are so over-protective about their little girls. He probably saw that and instantly flash-forwarded 16 years in his brain and couldn't handle it.