Thursday, March 26, 2009


Hi all! I'll be honest. I've deliberated greatly on whether or not to continue blogging. The last month has been so busy around here - two different kids' resale events, my mother-in-law in town, a Stampin' Up party, Hailey's Easter pics, preparing Hailey's "big girl" room, a pedicure (a luxury, yes! But so necessary!), playdates, etc, etc, etc.....

Anytime I get a free moment to myself the last thing on my mind is writing. So I decided to just ride out my blog slump and see how I felt when things around here slowed down.

Now that my last jam-packed weekend (for a while) is over, I'm finding I have a little more free time. But with the return of our tax money on the horizon, we have several projects lined up. And you know how I feel about that!

But before I delve into our "to-do" list, I owe all of you a status update on our last project....our closet makeover. I was dreading the idea of it, but it wasn't so bad. It only took RJ one weekend and I absolutely love the result!

I couldn't figure out how to "stitch" the photos together, so you'll have to use your imagination! The top picture is the far left of the closet and the bottom picture is the far right.

The closet used to be just one shelf/clothes bar all of the way around. Now we have two tier hanging, a shoe organizer, built-in hampers, and a ton of room for folded clothes.

The only problem now it too much empty space! I'll use any excuse to shop!


Kareer Woman said...

Every woman's dream, what a fantastic closet, thanks for posting the pics!

I know you stay busy and blogging should be all about having fun, not obligation, so don't delete your blog, but just post when you're in the mood. You're such a great blogger we'll hang with you no matter the time lapse, no worries!! We all have slumps in the blogging world when were into it more than others, don't feel alone in that ;)

Oh, and WAY TO GO on the pedicure, it is necessary, you have to treat yourself like that every once in a while!

Nata-Leigh (Lubbock's Mom) said...

So, the little 3 foot section above the shoes is RJs and the rest is yours? Way to go! Great closet!