Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The plans begin!

In three more days Hailey will be 23 months. Thank God the counting in months thing is almost over! I can barely keep track without looking at a calendar. Soon she'll be 2 - that's easy to remember.

The invitations for her birthday party are done and ready to be mailed! I made all of the characters on the card with my trusty 'ol Cricut machine and assembled the cards myself. At first, I thought using my Cricut to make the invitations was going to be easy. But I was wrong! If anyone has ever used one of these, you know that it cuts out predetermined shapes in which you choose the size. Because of the intricate characters I chose, they required multiple layers of different colored cardstock.

If you've never used one of these, I probably lost you like three sentences ago.

Anywho. Because of all of the layers necessary, these cards are heavy! I'm thinking they are going to require at least 2, maybe 3 stamps to mail. But they are worth it - I love the way they came and so does Hailey!

I don't want to give away the card by posting a picture, but I will say it includes this guy (affectionately known around here as "Kikis")...

...and some of his friends! I know...real original right? But Hailey is really into Elmo (a.ka. "LaLa") right now, so I figured this is the year to do it. She probably won't be so into it next year. We'll probably move on to something just as Dora!

My friend Nata-Leigh is doing a "tie dye" theme for her son Lubbock's birthday (he turns 2 the day before Hailey). It's so unique! No wonder other Moms keep asking her to help them plan their kids' birthday parties.

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Kareer Woman said...

Yeah, you totally lost me like three sentences ago! lol

I'm not a crafty person, although many people around me are so I'm very appreciative of people who are and all the time and effort put into things such as birthday inviations.

Way to go, Jen, you're always coming up with really cool and clever things like this ;)