Friday, May 1, 2009


Hello readers!

I am super excited to reveal my progress on Hailey's new room. As many of you know, RJ and I have spent a considerable amount of time over the last few months working on Hailey's "big girl" room. Her current room is staying as-is for a possible future baby Mitchell (this is by no means an announcement, just a plan for the future) and she'll be moving into the bigger room across the hall.

I chose a butterfly theme because I love butterflies. Hopefully Hailey will love them too, because I've never seem so many in a 13 x 14 room. And if not, maybe they will grow on her!

Anyway, on with the show........

The walls are painted a lilac-pink color and the butterflies are stenciled in a color called "vintage orange." I saw this color combination in a kids' decor book, but once the walls were painted and the orange stencil was about to go on, I got cold feet.

Much to RJ's dismay, I was about to ditch the orange and go with a dark pink color kind of like the one on the fan blades. But I decided to go with my first instinct and use the orange. I'm glad I did...I like the way it turned out. Plus there is a LOT of pink in the room already!

We bought everything used with the exception of the bedding, curtains and the fan. Most everything we found on Craigslist, including the metal butterfly bed, which is my favorite find.

The dresser was a mere $50! But it did need a lot of work. RJ sanded it down, repaired the base on one side and painted it. I added the knobs, which I found on eBay.

The bi-fold doors and new entry door went up last weekend. Now we need to buy and install a closet organizer and decorate!

Then all we need to add is the little girl! We're not quite ready to move her yet. I'm sure she'll be ready sometime soon after her second bithday.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue the work!


Kareer Woman said...

LOL, hmmm..a future baby Mitchell - - no announcement though..well, we'll stay tuned for that too! Haha

You & RJ have done a fantastic job on Hailey's big girl room, that is so cute, love the pics!!

Nata-Leigh (Lubbock's Mom) said...

Oh, it's so pretty! I heart the bed, too! I'm sure she loves butterflies ... we'll have to visit the butterfly house in Geneva when it opens.